Acoustic Wall and Pipe Insulation

We live in a very loud world where modern appliances and amenities when mixed with gloriously high ceilings. We go out of our way to ask for hardwood flooring without knowing just what high ceilings and hardwood flooring can mean for sound noise in one’s home. It can truly negatively impact a family’s quality of life without them really knowing why. In order to improve a property’s acoustic comfort, soundproof insulation fiber created by acoustic insulation product manufacturers might be just what you need. It has become more important than ever to invest in sound barrier insulation and acoustic wall insulation.

Acoustic wall and acoustic pipe insulation is your best bet out there. When you hire a reliable manufacturer for this task, you will increase the comfort you feel in your own home and add a lot to its overall market value. There are many different materials to choose from during the home’s construction phase. This is the right solution for people seeking a cost-effective method of increasing the sound transmission loss of a wall. Insulapack offers you acoustic sound barrier insulation for a few different areas of your home, such as exterior walls, interior walls, ducts, and pipes.

Here are some of the properties of Insulapack’s Acoustic Sound Barrier Insulation:

  • Hybrid Ceramic Fiber/PET used in lightweight units for thermal, and sound insulation
  • Thin, lightweight, and easy to install
  • Flexible for wrapping around corners & obstacles
  • Easy to cut, fabricate and wrap around ducts, pipe, cable through band strap fixing
  • Present good acoustic and thermal insulation properties
  • It also doubles as a fire barrier and heat insulation
  • Used between wood & metal studs
  • Easy to cover Polyurethane Foam, Styrofoam, or Cellulose Fiber

Here are some of the applications of Insulapack’s Acoustic Sound Barrier Insulation:

  • Residential appliance rooms
  • Playrooms
  • Home theatres
  • Recording studios
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Pipes and ductwork
  • Between machine shops and offices for sound, fire & heat protection
  • Between garage and house for sound, fire & heat protection
  • Restaurants, bars, dance halls, party rooms

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