General FAQ

We do not carry stock items. We are a custom made-to-order manufacturer. We focus on providing customers with solutions that fit their exact needs.

All orders are to be in writing. You may issue a purchase order or provide an e-mail request. Every time you order, we will send a confirmation e-mail stating your order was received and is being processed.

Minimum order quantity will be provided when the specifics of what you require is received.

All estimates are FOB Ripplepak. Should you require the order to be shipped, we will engage a third-party shipper. All shipping fees are passed on to the customer.

Our lead time varies depending on the material, product variety and quantity required. Our products typically require a two-week lead time, from date order confirmed to date ready for collection.

Lead time for truckload or larger quantities will be provided prior to order confirmation should this be required.

Because all our products are custom made and manufactured to our customers’ needs, we cannot accept returns.

All of our products are produced in our Markham, Ontario, Canada facility but we ship to Canada and USA.

All of our raw materials are procured from Canada and United States.

Wrap it up!

Your success is our goal. Let’s talk about your insulation requirements.