Fire Resistant Insulation

Keeping a business or commercial building safe requires taking into account the right steps during the construction phase. Fire is a hazard that can take many lives, and to stop it, you should always invest in fire barrier insulation or fireproofing. When you make the investment in fireproof insulation wraps, they obtain the guarantee that their buildings will be safe from fires. It isn’t to say that accidents might not happen because that would be unnatural. What fire barrier insulation does, however, is restrict minor fire accidents from accessing other rooms, electrical circuits, or more. This way, small accidents remain small.

Adding fire-resistant insulation from fire-resistant insulation manufacturers is not expensive and can be installed rather quickly. Once this insulation is installed, it requires very little maintenance to function at its best. One can even pair it with closed cell spray foam insulation to increase their energy savings and reduce their bills while also obtaining soundproofing and safety. This kind of insulation can very easily resist mold, pests, and restrict toxic fumes created by exposure to fire from escaping.

Insulapack offers you all that and more with its Fire Barrier Insulation services. They’re speedy, cost-effective, and reliable for residential and commercial buildings.

Here are some of the properties of Insulapack’s Fire Barrier Insulation:

  • Hybrid Ceramic Fiber/PET used in lightweight units for thermal, and sound insulation
  • Thin, lightweight, and easy to install
  • Flexible for wrapping around corners & obstacles
  • Easy to cut, fabricate and wrap around ducts, pipe, cable through band strap fixing
  • Present good acoustic and thermal insulation properties
  • Doubles as acoustic sound insulation
  • Used between wood & metal studs
  • Easy to cover Polyurethane Foam, Styrofoam, or Cellulose Fiber

Here are some of the applications of Insulapack’s Fire Barrier Insulation:

  • Wherever it is required to protect against extreme heat
  • Wherever it is required to protect against live flames
  • Stops flames from spreading from room to room
  • Protects flammable insulation from live flames and heat
  • Contains flames to one room or partitioned area
  • Between machine shops and offices for sound, fire & heat protection
  • Between garage and house for sound, fire & heat protection

Are you interested in finding out more about Insulapack’s Fire Barrier Insulation services? Contact us now for more information to get started right away.

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