Exterior Foundation Insulation

While roofs play a significant role in a house that protects the interior of the home from all of the outside elements, it isn’t the only thing that keeps you safe. The very foundation of your home supports the roof and everything else around you. It bears the weight and keeps your home safe. When you don’t have a solid base underneath your home, it could end up causing some serious damage to your home down the line. It is a thing you need to get right during the construction phase of the property because once done; it is hard to fix.

If you are involved in the construction process of a home, perhaps you need to think about exterior foundation insulation and other such foundation insulation products offered by reliable manufacturers like Insulapak. With Insulapack’s reliable foundation wrap, your home will stay warm, even during the harsh winters of Canada, and will save you a ton of money when it comes to your heating bills. That being said, it can only happen through experienced professionals in the industry like Insulapack.

Here are some of the properties of Insulapack’s Foundation Wrap:

  • Concrete Foundation Insulation, also known as Foundation Wrap
  • High-density foil-bubble wrap with increased Poly thickness to 6mm increases strength to resist compression
  • ½ inch thickness ≈ R5.4 (layered to your desired R-value)
  • Made of plastic (poly) that does not absorb water
  • It consists of continuous channels to allow moisture and water to flow downwards into the ground or weeping tiles, leaving a dry foundation surface.
  • Provides insulation to the concrete surface
  • Provides continuous and seamless covering up to 750 feet long
  • Width of roll up to 48 inches
  • Very lightweight – a roll can be handled very easily by one person

Here are some of the applications of Insulapack’s Foundation Wrap:

  • Install Insulapack foil-bubble foundation wrap insulation the same as any other foundation wrap
  • Use an adhesive or insert concrete fasteners through the foil-bubble wrap
  • The adhesive should not fill gaps between the bubbles (drainage path)
  • Bubbles go directly against the wall; foil goes to the outside
  • Extra thick 6mm poly bubble skin prevents bubbles from popping due to pressure
  • Proper drainage around footing needs to be in place to accept water as it drains
  • Sealing the top will prevent soil from getting in but does not have to be watertight

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