Insulapack is the clear choice for insulation in Canada

Insulapack is a division of Ulthane Research Ltd. and is committed to developing and providing high-quality HVAC insulation, pipe wrap, wall cavity insulation, foundation concrete wrap, and attic, garage and basement insulation products in Markham / Toronto, Ontario. We manufacture bubble-foil insulation that has a very high R-value-to-thickness ratio and is filled with an insulating gas, allowing for a lighter weight product that is efficient and easy and safe to install; no gloves or masks are required. Insulapack is non-toxic and provides its own vapour barrier. It does not allow mould or mildew, and does not provide for nesting of rodents, birds or insects. We aim to be your one-stop shop for all your insulation needs.

Our insulation can be used in a variety of applications, including but not limited to:

  • Basements
  • Attics
  • Garages
  • Wall Cavity
  • Construction
  • Home building
  • Renovations
  • Exterior foundation wrap
  • Heritage buildings
  • Medical buildings
  • Acoustics
  • Fire Barrier
  • And more!
industrial & residential insulation

Industrial & Residential

The quality of our products speaks for itself.

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Bubble Insulation Features

Clean effective and easy to install.

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Fibre Insulation Features

For Wall Cavity and Basement, Wrap & Strips.

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