Interior and Exterior Pipe Insulation Wrap

As the cold and harsh winters approach, we create a big list to winterize our homes. But the thing that most people neglect when they are winterizing their home is their pipes! The most important thing to do in wintertime is to winterize your plumbing to ensure it is protected. As such, pipe insulation wrap is a must. When you invest just a little in reliable exterior pipe insulation wraps from pipe insulation manufacturers like Insulapack, you save yourself money down the line by protecting pipes that are situated in an unheated area like the outside, garage, crawlspace, or attic. Not only does this save you money, but it also saves your property from extensive damages resulting from bursting pipes!

Pipes that are exposed, can very easily freeze when they come into contact with cold air. When water freezes, it has the annoying tendency of expanding, which can cause the pipe that houses it to expand and burst along with it. Insulapack, however, has you covered with its pipe insulation wraps!

Insulapack™ is a multi-layered, laminated plastic cellular material filled with insulating dry air bubbles complete with a metalized reflective outer layer that provides a very high thermal resistance (R-value) to insulate walls and ceilings, mechanical ductwork, and piping. The outer metallic foil layer of Insulapack™ ensures that the product will not provide radiant heat transfer, and its plastic cellular construction makes the product impervious to humidity.

The insulating air within the green-colored plastic cells is inert, non-reactive, and not flammable. The multi-laminated plastic cells will not leak, and the material has been aged tested to perform effectively for a minimum of 50 years. This material ensures extremely low water vapor permeance acting as a vapor barrier and will not corrode. It resists mold and will not provide a nesting environment for animals and insects.

Tested and meets 25/50 ULC – Formaldehyde free • Extremely lightweight – Does not adsorb/absorb moisture – UL & ULC Certified

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  • Pipe Wrap Foil Insulation Properties
  • Thermal Resistance
  • Fire Rating
  • Emissivity
  • Reflectivity
  • Water vapour transmission
  • Resistance to fungus & bacteria
  • Delamination or cracking
  • Operating temperature range
  • Temperature and humidity resistance
  • Size Of Rolls
  • Standard
  • ASTM C335
  • ASTM E84-13a
  • ASTM C1371
  • ASTM E903
  • ASTM E96
  • ASTM C1338-08
  • ASTMC1224-03
  • AST411
  • ASTM C1258
  • Roll
  • Pipe Wrap Foil Insulation Values
  • 1” ≈ R-10.6 | 3/4” ≈ R-8 | 1/2” ≈ R-5
  • Flame Spread 0, Smoke 5
  • 0.04
  • 0.096
  • 0.029PERMS
  • does not promote growth
  • None
  • -50 to 180º F
  • None,some metalized corrosion
  • 48”x 60’ or 48”x100’
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