Cathedral Ceilings Insulation: By Insulapack

Industrial, Commercial and Residential Ceiling Insulation

Everyone is diligently investigating new ways to be more energy consumption efficient and to reduce their overall energy bills. A great way to do that is by investing in industrial ceiling insulation as well as commercial building ceiling insulation offered by reliable industrial ceiling manufacturers such as Insulapack. Insulapack also offers unvented cathedral ceiling insulation as well as vented cathedral ceiling insulation services. Let’s take a deeper look at why roof and ceiling insulation is so crucial for cold countries like Canada.

When a country experiences temperatures that drop to -30 overnight, it is important to reduce heat loss and then gain it again when it is summertime so that indoor comfort is improved and there is a balance of temperatures across the property inside.

You must invest in reliable ceiling insulation services because they will be properly installed and will end up saving you a lot when it comes to annual costs and utilities. Investing in a home improvement project? You must carefully consider the insulation of your home to make sure it is up to date and if not, contact Insulapack right away to get you started on insulation that you can rely on.

Here are some of the properties of Insulapack’s Roof & Ceiling Insulation:

  • Industrial, commercial and residential roof and ceiling insulation
  • High-density bubble wrap with increased Poly thickness to resist compression
  • 1/2 inch thickness ≈ R5.4 (layered to your desired R-value)
  • Made of plastic (poly) that does not absorb water
  • Poly layers act as a built-in vapour barrier
  • Conventional vapour barriers can also optionally be used
  • Very lightweight – a roll can be handled very easily by one person
  • Very clean, no rot, no mold, no pests, no masks or gloves required

Here are some of the applications of Insulapack’s Roof & Ceiling Insulation:

  • Watertight poly acts as built-in vapour barrier
  • Traditional Vapour Retarder is optional

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