Canada & USA Insulation Manufacturer & Supplier

Inert Argon Gas Filled Bubble and Fibre Insulation
duct insulation wrap

HVAC Duct Bubble Insulation

Energy saver for heat and noise transfer reduction.

insulapack pipe wrap insulation

Pipe Wrap Bubble Insulation

Keeps heat in or out and acts as noise buffer.

wall cavity bubble and fibre insulation

Wall Cavity Insulation Rolls/Strips

Bubble or Fibre – 50″ Rolls or Stud Size Strips.

basement insulation

Basement Insulation Rolls/Strips

Insulation and vapour barrier in one.

roof and ceiling insulation

Roof & Ceiling Insulation

Industrial grade commercial & residential.

sound barrier insulation

Fibre Fire Barrier FB Insulation

Flame proof and 1000° heat proof for 1 hour.

acoustic wall cavity insulation

Acoustic Sound Insulation

Flame proof insulation with an STC rating of 65.

truck & trailer insulation

Trailer Metalized Bubble

Regulate the temperature in your trucks.

exterior foundation wrap insulation & vapour barrier

Exterior Foundation Wrap

Metalized bubble insulation & vapour barrier.

Exterior Wall Cladding Panels

Exterior Insulated Cladding

Metalized bubble insulated cladding (aka building wrap).


Five Of Many Reasons To Choose Us


Having building insulation products and materials available on short notice is critical when it comes to project planning and job costing. As one of the oldest insulation material manufacturers in Canada, we have plenty of inventory and the ability to replenish stock or create special orders that ship very quickly. If you are in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), using a local insulation manufacturer will significantly reduce lead times, shipping costs and storage requirements. We are a leading wholesale insulation products supplier and distributor in Canada and the USA.


When comparing sources for construction materials, price is only one factor in the selection process and it is not always the best decision to go with the least expensive product. Cost-efficiency and quality both need to be considered. As an experienced and leading insulation material supplier & manufacturer, we supply cost-effective, low-maintenance insulation products that do not rot or deteriorate and will protect your assets and cash flow for years to come. Insulapack’s metalized bubble and fibre insulation products are very light weight, which also reduces shipping and handling costs.

Climate Flexible

Another significant aspect to add to the insulation selection process is the climate where the application is being installed. Determining factors such as temperature swings, amount of precipitation and humidity, sun exposure and ventilation requirements all come into play. Insulapack’s high R-Value insulation products have a thermal design that keeps heat in or keeps heat out.  It can also be used as a vapour barrier to prevent moisture penetration in either direction.

Green & Eco-Friendly

All of Insulapack’s insulation products are designed to have a long shelf life and are recyclable when it’s time for disposal. The high R-Value of our insulation products means less energy is consumed keeping buildings or trucks warm or cool. For high quality insulation material you need a high quality insulation manufacturer.

Everyone’s goal should be to leave the smallest footprint on the environment as possible in order to pass on a cleaner planet to future generations. We ask that you please consider this when selecting all of your building materials, including insulation.

Safe & Clean

Insulapack’s insulation is very safe for air quality and skin contact and no special protective equipment, such as masks, gloves or long sleeves is required to handle, install or remove it. It is non-toxic, does not mold or rot and is not conducive to harbouring rodents or their droppings.

We are among the leading insulation manufacturers and suppliers in Canada & the USA. We manufacture a wide range of insulation materials that include inert argon gas filled bubble wrap, inert argon gas filled bubble foil, insulation foam, fibreglass insulation.